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SSD Data Recovery

Imagine recuperare date SSD
I need data recovery
Imagine recuperare date SSD

● Need lost data like air?
● Do you want to be able to continue working without a headache?
● Do you want your memories with your loved ones?

✅ We have solutions, we use advanced data recovery technologies.
✅ We keep data confidential.
✅ We offer free evaluation.

Recuperare date SSD M2 Sata Extern

SSD DiagnosticsDiagnosticare SSD

● For diagnosis, send the SSD to us for service.

● We evaluate the state of the SSD from an electronic and software point of view.

● We determine the cause of the problem that led to data inaccessibility and a solution for data recovery.

● After the detailed diagnosis, we will inform you of the estimated chances of data recovery, the price and the steps to follow.

The most common SSD problems.

● SSD with logical faults: corrupted partition tables, formatted partitions, deleted data.

● SSD with electronic defects: problems on the power supply side, burnt chips.

● SSD with firmware defects: service area and corrupt translator.

● SSD with NAND defects: increased wear of NAND memories.

SSD Data Recovery

● We recover data from various models of SSDs such as: SATA, M2.NMVE, M2.SATA, PATA, CFAST, PORTABLE EXTERNAL SSD with USB connector.

● We recover data from any type of Windows, MAC, Linux partition, files of any type, documents, images, video, audio, databases, emails, backup files, etc.

About SSD

● The SSD is composed of three main components: a controller, RAM memory, NAND memory chips and a control software system.

● Unlike the Hard Disk, the SSD has no moving parts, thus having the advantage of being much more resistant to shocks and much faster when writing and reading.

● The NAND memories where information from the SSD is stored are of several types such as: SLC, MLC, TLC, QLC.

● Each of these types of NAND memories have a limited number of rewrites after which they wear out and can no longer be used.

● SSD is not recommended for long-term data storage.

Your benefits when you use our data recovery services.

● The training and experience of our team of engineers.

● A high-performance laboratory equipped with advanced data recovery technology.

● Advantageous rates.

● Data confidentiality.

● Free evaluation.

● We recover data from a variety of SSD storage devices that are defective, inaccessible, unstable, including firmware defects, electronic defects, or various other situations.

Livrare colet SSD

● Pack the SSD appropriately so that it does not get destroyed during transport, in protective bubble wrap and a cardboard box.

● Leave in the package a sheet with your contact details and a brief history of the problem encountered.

Payment and return of recovered data.

● In case of data recovery after accidental deletion or formatting, they can be transferred back to the same SSD that is functional.

● If data is recovered from a defective SSD, they will be transferred to another storage device provided by you or a new one that you purchase from us.

● If the recovered data does not exceed 1TB, you can opt for the Online transfer through a secure connection.

● The labor payment for data recovery is reimbursed upon receipt of the data by courier or by bank transfer.

Useful recommendations.

● ATTENTION!!! Do not call a "smart friend" or a local computer service that does not specialize in data recovery. Any wrong intervention can lead to the permanent loss of data.

● If your SSD that contains important data is not detected by the computer, you feel a burning smell, or you have accidentally deleted partitions or files, it is recommended to turn off the system immediately and stop using the SSD at all to have a chance as large as data recovery.

● If you have an SSD that is no longer detected by the system or is detected at a lower capacity, you cannot access the data, or any other problems, we have solutions for data recovery.

● If you have accidentally deleted or formatted an SSD, it is very important to immediately stop and disconnect the SSD from the computer, in order to have a chance to recover the data. If the SSD is not turned off and disconnected immediately, in most cases the TRIM command is activated and the data will be permanently deleted and will not be able to be recovered later.

Defective SanDisk Portable SSD Data Recovery Case

SSD Models

ADATA SP550 - ADATA SU800 (SM2258H / SM2258G) - AMD Radeon R3 (SM2256K) - AMD Radeon R7 - CFast Lexar Professional 3400 - Corsair Extreme series - Corsair Force LS - Corsair Force LX - Corsair Neutron series - Corsair Nova - Crucial BX100 - Crucial C300 - Crucial C400 - Crucial M225 - Crucial M4 - Crucial M500 - Crucial M550 - Crucial MX100 - Crucial MX200 - Crucial V4 - GoodRam CX100 - GOODRAM CX300 - GOODRAM S400U - Intel 320 - Intel 510 - Intel 710 - Intel X18 - Intel X25 - Kingston A400 - Kingston HyperX Savage - Kingston SMSM15S3 - Kingston SSDNow KC400 - Kingston SSDNow UV300 - Kingston V100 (JMF 616 si Toshiba TC58NCF616GDT) - Kingston V200 (JMF 667 si Toshiba TC58NCF667GDT) - Lite On LCH-256V2S-11 - Lite-On MU3 - Micron C400 - OCZ (Toshiba) Trion 100 - OCZ (Toshiba) Trion 150 - OCZ ARC 100 - OCZ Solid 2 series - OCZ Vector - OCZ Vector 150 - OCZ Vector 180 - OCZ Vector 480 - OCZ Vertex 1 - OCZ Vertex 450 - OCZ Vertex 460 - OCZ Vertex 460A - Orice alte modele bazate pe IDX1xXX CPU - Orice alte modele bazate pe S3105 / PS3108 / PS3109 / PS3110 / PS3111 / Toshiba TC58NC1000 / Kingston CP33238B CPU - Orice alte modele bazate pe SM2246 CPU - Patriot Blast - Patriot Blast - Patriot Blaze - Patriot Spark - Plextor M3 - Plextor M3 Pro - Plextor M5 Pro - Plextor M5 Pro Extreme - Plextor M5S - Plextor M6V - Plextor S2C - PNY CS1111 - RevuAhn 850X - RevuAhn 900T PRO - Samsung 470 Inclusiv modele Apple (S3C29MAX01-Y340 CPU) - Samsung 830 Inclusiv modele Apple (S4LJ204X01-Y040 CPU) - Samsung 840 (S4LN021X01-8030 CPU) - Samsung 840 Evo (Inclusiv mSATA) (S4LN045X01-8030 CPU) - Samsung 840 Pro (S4LN021X01-8030 CPU) - Samsung 850 Pro (S4LN045X01-8030 CPU) - Samsung CM871 (S4LN054X02-Y030 CPU) - Samsung MLC (S3C29RBB01-YK40 CPU) - Samsung PM810 (versiunea mSATA 470) (S3C29MAX01-Y340 CPU) - Samsung PM830; (S4LJ204X01-Y040 CPU) - Samsung PM840 (S4LN021X01-8030 CPU) - Samsung PM841 (S4LN021X01-8030 CPU) - Samsung PM851 (Inclusiv mSATA) (S4LN045X01-8030 CPU) - Sandisk Genesis - Sandisk SSD Plus (SM2246XT) - Sandisk Ultra II - Sandisk Ultra Plus - Sandisk Vulcan - Sandisk X110 (M.2 2260) - Sandisk X300 - Seagate 600 series - Silicon Power Slim S55 - Silicon Power Slim S55 (PS3111) - Silicon Power Slim S60 - Smartbuy Firestone - Smartbuy Ignition 2 - Smartbuy Ignition 4 - Smartbuy Revival - Smartbuy Revival 2 - Smartbuy S11T - Smartbuy S9M - Toshiba Q300 - Trancsend TS256GSSD360S (P3XV60 =SM2246XT)